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These two best friends decide to end a stressful day with a little trip to the sauna to relax. Before heading into the sauna, they start to get close, laughing and posing together in the dressing room. Once in the sauna, the two ladies waste no time getting up close and personal, licking each other’s pussies and making out on the bench. While the Asian slut is bent over with her ass in the air. The redhead starts fingering her tight little pussy. First with one finger, then two, then three, she even sniffs her fingers to see what her asshole smells like which drives her insane and before long she is fisting the sexy Asian, leaving her quaking on the bench of the sauna. After the sauna, the ladies head to the shower to rinse off the sweat and cum, but what the redhead didn’t know was her best friend was done with her yet. The slutty Asian pushes the redhead up against the wall and lifts one of her legs, giving the perfect opportunity for the mature slut to suck on the redhead’s clit and finger her tight sweaty pussy until she cums all over the shower floor.

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